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Climate Proofing Our Ocean

Our continuous enjoyment of the ocean is being threatened says Milton Haughton, Executive Director of the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism. He declared this, yesterday, when he addressed farmers, fisher folks and other officials today at a workshop to address climate change and fisheries development. He told those present that countries in the region continue to be under threat from rise in sea level, ocean acidification as well as warming waters.  This he explained would continue to have negative impacts on fishing communities as he was quick to point out that it would get worse without corrective action.

“Our fishers, fish farmers and fishing communities, those living in the coastal areas and carrying out their activities in the water  are particularly vulnerable to natural disasters. But the marine eco-systems are also facing serious problems, our eco systems are changing not only in response to rising ocean temperature but a whole host of other threats.” Haughton said.

It is no secret that fish and plant life in the marine eco-system are under threat but the CRFM Executive Director warned that other species of sea life that feed on those can disappear.

“We need to act now to climate proof and to protect the vulnerable coastal fishing communities and the livelihoods and also to build eco-system resilience into aqua culture and fisheries management policies.”

Late Monday afternoon CWA participants began a discussion on adaption measures that are vital to  improve the resilience of the of the fisheries industry to climate change.



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