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Insight In You: Dead-Locked, An Opinion

Insight In You is Insight’s version of Letters to the Editor where our readers are encouraged to pen and submit their own viewpoints on various issues affecting the diaspora. Here is Earl John on the recent parliamentary woes in the country.

Guyana, locked in death – prorogued governance, no parliamentary discourse, none either from the brave breast beating private sector organisations, no declamations from the prayerful sector, no posturings from non-government organisations. They are all breathless, soundless, stiff as board (meetings) – locked in the final debt of courage, integrity, honour which the pros and cons owe to the nation. Not a song, not a hymn suitable for the funeral which is likely to be the longest ceremony of its kind in the history. If only in alphabetical order Burnham, Cheddi and Desmond must now be mourning in their deepest black.

The other mourner must be the current President (of what) regretting being planted wittingly by his predecessor, who has no cause to mourn the passage of his unwitting seed.

The latter has not grown, but is surrounded by a jungle in which his mild karaoke was clearly out of place (and of time).

At the most he has six months to live, without the burden of bills (and paid advertisements) – bills concerning local government elections; bills (or accounts) needed to fund the public service legally; posters about how much we used to care. On the other hand wishing how peaceful and truthful a time it was a General Secretary (or Secretary General), reflecting on the wordless presence on the sugar board, the general under-exposure to speech-making, the scripts of authors, the originalisation of ideas, the protocols of the democratic process.

Dead–locked – a state which confirms the inability of the opposition, singly or jointly, to foretell the obvious; to recognise the animal world through which they step gently, not sufficiently attentive to the record of voracious prowlers whose unashamed attitude is one of atrocities – in which they mistakenly chose to be locked into.

Interestingly enough they have now come alive – all deadlocked! But this is no time for reasoned dialogue; rather for actions consistent with the behaviour of executive animalism. They must utilise every opportunity to expose the illegalities of governance in Guyana to a listening and reading region and the world at large, represented by so many identifiable institutions.

Most critically perhaps they must take time out to interface not only with local resident everywhere, but to every group available in the Diaspora, to find support for the revolution. But they must also insist on attending our majority assembly every available day to let the world know continuously how the people of Guyana feel.

They must not only sit, but stand up to be counted – as a joint force.

Signed, Earl B. John

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