Insight In You

A major part of Insight‘s policy is fostering conversation on pertinent issues affecting  Guyana and the region. The Insight which we bring is only as effective as the value it has to you. But, in your own homes, you have the ability to give Insight, too. This is why Insight is launching our Insight In You page where you can share Insight of your own which you consider pertinent with your fellow readers.

Many significant issues are afoot locally, regionally and internationally, we at Insight are providing you with material from our writers, but what Insight do you have? Submit your own Insight below and be given a chance to have your thoughts or concerns expressed on our website with the chance to be in the public eye. You may submit opinion editorials, raise awareness on certain issues, or give Insight on a particular topic.


Insight aims to be a forum for those interested interested in current social affairs, which means that we must enforce rules to ensure that information is shared and conversation is fostered in the most effective way possible. The Insight In You feature, like our comments section, is intended to propel conversation, discussion, debate and even disagreement but never incendiary, defamatory, or antagonistic. Submitted posts which attack writers, on subjects regarding their race, sexuality, religious beliefs will not be published.

Offensive or inflammatory remarks which are intended to be offensive or inflammatory, or any content which is deemed as being especially hostile and harmful to an environment of engaged and informed discussion.

Please submit your full name with pieces so Insight can accurately attach your name to the pieces.