Insight Readers on Local Government Elections

A few months ago Insight opened a poll to gauge our readers’ opinion on the call for local government elections.

The Poll conducted on Insight’s website www.insightgy.com was done to gauge Guyanese thoughts and reaction to the possibility that Local Government Elections could be called soon and also the fact that the country has been without the elections that effectively governs municipalities and a host of local government organs.

Some 96% of the respondents to the Insight Poll on Local government elections felt that Guyanese have “endured a disservice” by the non-holding of Local Government elections for some 20 years.

Some 1.82% felt that it wasn’t a disservice that the elections have not been held.

The short poll suggests that support for the call for the elections to be held in 2014 is high with some 95% of the respondents weighing in that favor. 2.4% out of 167 of the respondents into that question.

Some 168 persons took the poll that ran for about four weeks. The poll attracted respondents mainly from Region 4, in Guyana with fewer responses from Regions 3, 5, 6 and 10.

10%of the respondents were from the United States with 2% and 3% were from Canada, the United Kingdom and the Caribbean respectively.

To note, the 34% of the respondents were between the ages 25-34, 22% between the ages 35-44 and 16% between 45-54.

Insight readers are only a fraction of Guyanese calling for immediate local government elections. President Donald Ramotar in a broadcast to the nation during the first week of November promised Local Government polls during the second quarter of 2015.



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