Insight Survey: Local Government Elections

As part of Insight’s desire to provide you with information and foster discussion on important issues, our website will be launching a series of regular surveys. These surveys will ask you, the reader, to give your opinion on various critical issues affecting the country and the region.

The first survey is on Local Government Elections and will be open for the next 14 days.

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  1. It is unfair and unconstitutional to impose strangers on a community when that community has qualified, capable and and experienced persons and this is why I am up in arm for Local Government Elections. The Government is taking advantage of its citizens and their tax dollars.

  2. Michelle

    I believe we need Local Government Elections. Too much Lawlessness on the increase. Guyanese need to take a stand and remove the PPC. They Need to GO. Look at how our Tax Payers money is being spent on Jagdeo…he’s being treated like a king off of my hard working money, that I am slaving every day to fatten him….I am tired and so frustrated with this Government and their so called promises….they never got my vote and they still wouldn’t until I am pleased and see improvement.

  3. It is a shame on those who uses the constitution to justify their own political ambitions and at the same time show utter disregard to the same constitution. Installation of IMC is a political maneuvor to foster their own selfish ambition. The own way to boast of democracy is to give the people the power to choose who they desirous of managing the democratic organs of which they depend on for the correct leadership. Local government is long overdue it should be held immediately. Gecom is ready, Rohee and the cabals are all hyprocritcs.

  4. clarence O. Perry

    The most important person in a democracy based on the principle” government of the people, by the people, for the people”, is the ordinary citizen. Fundamentally democracy is a grass-root affair.

  5. Nardo

    The Government need to stop using bully tactic on the poor and the powerless , driving them to believe the the P.P.P is the only savior in the world

  6. Gwendolin Tross

    I think it is an injustice that we the people are denied our democratic right to participate meaningfully in the affairs of our respective communities.

  7. Ty

    It is unconstitutional and a gross misconduct on the government not to hold these constitutionally mandated elections.

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