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Welcome to Insight

Insight, a new bi-monthly current affairs print publication made its way officially into Guyana’s media landscape last Thursday, 19th September 2013.

On that same day, a concurrent online component of Insight was also launched.  The Insight team welcomes you, formally, to this internet space. After a week, how have you been enjoying this online platform? What do you hope to gain from Insight?

With Insight online we hope to connect to Guyanese and Caribbean nationals in the wider diaspora. We also are reaching out to those at home who prefer to do their reading electronically. This is all in keeping with our publication’s main goals of providing insightful information and commentary on the latest news and current affairs in Guyana, the Caribbean and Latin America.

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The unveiling of Insight’s first cover with Magda Pollard, Pat Dial and Yog Mahadeo

This Publication is being produced with the intention of filling an important gap in the country’s journalistic landscape. As our name suggests, Insight is meant to shed light on important issues which engage the mainstream media and the public’s attention but require further investigation, elaboration and explanation. This we see as our core goal.

The online component functions in the same way, for the most part. The articles found in our bi-monthly print editions are published online with a fee of US$1.99.  Additionally, there will be newer articles – not in print – found on this website offering varying views on political, economic and social issues, opinion pieces and analytical writing.

In our inaugural edition, we focused on the process of growing old in Guyana – the highs and lows of life as an elderly person in a country striving to ensure that those who lived among us as vibrant, productive citizens can now enjoy the fruits of a society they helped shape in both small and big ways.

Hopefully, the insight provided by our examination of this critical area of concern will play a role in attracting greater attention to the needs of our senior citizens and stimulate informed analysis and action.

We look forward to your feedback on both the published print form of Insight as well as the online format. In due course, the intention is to have Insight become an important part of a complete online, multimedia experience with interactive elements to ensure we capture your thoughts and experiences you may wish to share.

Our standard features would include:


A section with articles, opinions, academic papers among other writings on issues that transcend national, regional and international borders.

Tech Bits

Computer Science Lecturer Lenandlar Singh looks at the latest in technology, offering tips and guidance on the latest trends.

From Farm to Table

Nutritionist Penelope Harris offers guidance on local foods, showing you how eating locally grown foods can be healthy.

Picture of the Week

Insight sees the need to showcase Guyana and the Caribbean through the eyes of local photographers. News worthy events as everyday life captured through the lens of our cameras would be featured. (This feature will be coming soon.)

Our other sections would include:


From time to time the Insight team hopes to visit a location in Guyana and provide readers with news and views from that location, examining local and official life of its residents.


The contribution of many Guyanese and other nationals in and out of Guyana would be the highlight of this section. Here we feature one person and how their work or contribution is being used to help others.


This section was originally intended to capture environmental pieces but we also see the need to use it to promote the need to re-capture the disappearing Dutch and British influenced architecture among other related topics.


A section dedicated to inform and educate readers on regional political, social and economic issues through informed opinions and writings.  

Among the other sections on our site are sections focusing on Economics and Finance, Arts and Entertainment and Spot on Sport.

These are to be complemented by the many features that would be the focus of our publication from time to time.  

Feedback is always appreciated, so speak up – use the comments section to let us know how you feel about Insight and to interact with fellow readers of Insight.

Follow us on twitter @InsightGuyana and look for us on Facebook- Insight Magazine.


from the Editor in Chief – Nazima Raghubir on behalf of the Insight Team



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